SlingSwatter is a lightweight, compact and sleekly designed product that can be used as a toy and a flyswatter at the same time. This amazing product is best suited for your home, car, RV, trailer or boat. You can also bring this anywhere to use as a party game toy – whether you are at the park, picnic, hunting, fishing, camping – or just at home and want to have some fun with your friends and loved ones.

SlingSwatter can eliminate any kind of bugs and insects in any tight spots and tight corners.

SlingSwatter is the most effective and sanitary flyswatter.  Fly swatting can be frustrating sometimes, especially when you are unsuccessful at eliminating the pests that invaded at your home. Using your conventional flyswatter is only effective when swatting flies on a flat surface, but when the offending pests decide to hide in an unpredictable spot in your home like; window blinds, tight corners, inside holes, under faucets, etc… using your SlingSwatter will be the only way to catch and eliminate those flies and bugs quickly and effectively.

SlingSwatter can eliminate the target up to five feet distance by adding additional SlingSwatter-Band.

SlingSwatter is also inexpensive and sanitary.  You can swap a used SlingSwatter-Band with a new, clean SlingSwatter-Band as easily as one…two…three!

SlingSwatter In Different Colors

SlingSwatter Is A Patent Pending Product